Our three preceptors venture on their premiere episode of The Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour delve deep into the strange and ominous reaches of The Montauk Project and The Philadelphia Experiment. We go back in time to the 1940s and seek answers into the secrets the United States government and its military were hiding at Montauk Point in Long Island, NY. With such accounts of teleportation, mind control, contact with extraterrestrials, faking the moon landings as well as the ever more strange tale of the USS Eldridge using teleportation from Philadelphia to New York then Virginia!

(2:34) The Philadelphia Experiment introduction, October 28 1943 aboard the USS Eldridge.

(4:52) Mike explains the degaussing story of said Navy ships.

(5:49) Morris K Jessup was an author, ufologist, astronomer - "The Case for the UFO"

(6:22) Carl M. Allen aka "Carlos Miguel Allende" sends Morris K. Jessup claims of experiences of the Philadelphia Experiment. Claims of aliens, interdimensional travel, etc.

(8:36) Dave examines the degaussing definition from Wikipedia excerpt.

(9:13) Mike talks about unified field theory, and Carlos Allendes claim that Albert Einstein aboard the USS Eldridge as well as thousands of men, are supposed to have seen the disappearance.

(13:11) Carlos Allende claims that Charles Proteus Steinmetz was aboard the ship who died almost 20 years before the alleged incident on October 26, 1923. He also states that Nikola Tesla was on board who also had passed away before the experiment earlier that year.

(18:01) Mike talks the USS Eldridge is transferred to Greece January 15, 1951 under the Mutual Defense Assistance Act

(19:18) Dave introduces the Montauk Project on Montauk Point in Long Island, NY at Camp Hero.

(20:28) Fronk talks about 'The Montauk Chair' subjects with strong psychic abilities

(22:18) Mike explains the Bulgarian Experiment with Professor Marina Boyadjievas experiments with LSD from 1962-1968.

(23:58) Dave & Mike talk about Preston Nichols's claims about being abducted and put through experiments.

(25:03) Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron claim they jumped off the deck of the USS Eldridge

(27:01) Fronk and Dave touch on Preston Nichols claims and the SAGE satellites

(29:31) Mike touches on kidnappings known as, 'The Montauk Boys' and Preston Nichols claims to be one of these boys. His account talks about a monster that destroys a base. He also touches on the parallels with the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

(33:48) Mike fills us in on what happened to Camp Hero

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