The trio of hush are back with episode two of The Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour with more mind bending mysteries as they drop into MK-ULTRA! A now declassied program known as the 'CIA Mind Control Program' were a series of mostly illegal and inhumane experiments. Using mind altering drugs/chemicals (LSD) on mostly unsuspecting patients, colleagues even led to one of the Army's own scientists 'jumping' to his death in 1953 in a NYC hotel! Sleep deprivation, massive electric shocks, verbal/physical torture, psychic driving, and hypnosis! The program began in the infancy of the Cold War to create a 'robot soldier or spy' so Americans would have their minds wiped clean or the Soviets that were captured would give up their secrets!

(1:29) Dave introduces the MK-ULTRA Program and its start in 1953 to its demise in 1973. Over 149 different projects.

(3:11) Fronk elaborates on the prisoner James "Whitey" Bulgars involvement and how he wrote 70 letters about the negative experience. Bulgar was a crime boss and FBI informant from Boston, Massachusetts.

(4:41) Dave goes into the depth of the program as well as the budget of 10 million dollars (adjusted $87.5 million for inflation)

(6:15) Mike introduces Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist and the first to synthesize and ingest LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) he also named the compound psilocybin.

(6:57) Steven Kinzner an American author claims that MK-ULTRA "was a continuation of the work begun in WWII-era Japanese facilities and Nazi concentration camps on subduing and controlling human minds"

(7:42) Dave talks about the strange incident on August 15, 1951 where the entire town of Pont- Saint- Esprit, A small town in southern France that was 'poisoned'

(9:38) Project Bluebird and Project Artichoke are mentioned

(12:04) Dave goes into the operation held in San Francisco called, Operation Midnight Climax.

(14:00) Mike talks about Sidney Gottlieb, an American chemist

(15:05) Dave delves into the methods used in the program

(18:20) Mike & Dave fill us in about a Canadian, Robert Logan who had undergone some of these experiments

(26:05) The trio touch the actions that happened directly after WWII and Nazi scientists

(28:23) Oct 4, 1995 - President Bill Clinton apologized to the families about the MK-ULTRA Program.

(29:40) Frank Olson, an American Army scientist that worked for the United States Army Biological Warfare Laboratories (USBWL) at Camp Detrick (now Fort Detrick). After being dosed with LSD, nine days later on November 28th 1953 he 'jumped' to his death.

(33:20) In 1973 CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the MK-ULTRA documents destroyed.

(39:00) Stansfield Turner was appointed to write the 15 page report by Jimmy Carter which is now declassified and available to the public. Easily found on Wikipedia.

(41:15) Mike and the guys close up the show with a quick discussion of MK-ULTRA and its possible current activity.

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