We are back yet again as we join our three preceptors at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963! We explore and question all the 'magic' angles of the death of John F. Kennedy. America's 35th President in broad daylight during a presidential motorcade through the streets of Dallas Texas. There are claims that the CIA were not only involved but carried out this assassination and that the alleged shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald was merely a pawn in a much larger plan! What happened during the course of that November day? What led up to this? Who were the parties involved? We look through all the open and closed windows. No blade of grass left untouched.

(1:41) Fronk introduces John F. Kennedy.
(2:48) We explore JFK's early life and military career
(4:00) JFK is inaugurated as the 35th President of the United States, as the trio elaborate some of the things that went on in his presidency.
(5:53) Fronk goes into the Bay of Pigs.
(6:50) Dave & Mike delve into the space race with JFK and the Soviet Union as well as the building of the Berlin wall.
(8:49) The Cuban Missile Crisis is introduced.
(11:25) Mikes jumps into the John F. Kennedy signs the Nuclear Test Ban with the Soviet Union and his connections with Khrushchev.
(14:50) Mike cruises into the fateful day of the assassination, November 22 1963. Fronk elaborates the events.
(16:06) Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest and murder is explained.
(17:18) Dave goes into some of Lee Harvey Oswald's life before the assassination.
(18:38) Mike introduces the conspiracies that followed.
(20:40) Jackie O in the Zapruder film, and Agent Roy Kellerman, Special Agent Clint Hill's testimony.
(23:42) Mike looks into the shots fired, location, angles and the weapon used.
(26:14) Fronk touches on the Warren Commission (more on this in Part II)
(27:01) The Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza and the Zapruder film are looked into deeper.
(33:01) Mike talks about the witness accounts of the Texas Paper Depository building and the windows, people seen.
(35:59) The transportation of the President and autopsies performed in Dallas as well as Bethesda is touched on by your preceptors.
(40:00) Mike examines some of the wounds that accord.
(43:33) Mike wraps up part one and fills the Hushlings in on part two, streaming August 31, 2020

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