We welcome you back to the conclave. The Hush Hush Society return to 1963, John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas Texas. The Mafia!?! Foreign criminal outfits?!? Drug operations! The CIA and other major political entities. We hop back into the Continental and cruise into the investigation that followed, and the changes made in the years since. We shoot our way from Nicaragua to Cuba! No window left closed, or open?

(1:20) Fronk recaps part one.

(2:13) Mike introduces the Mafia's involvement in the assassination as well as Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby's ties.

(6:00) Joe Kennedy works a deal with the Mafia to get John into the White House and the Mafia will never be bothered again.

(7:00) Robert Kennedy goes after the Mafia. Mike also goes into the Giancana family.

(8:15) Mike also goes into Sam Giancana, and his associates Santo Trafficante and Carlos Marcello.

(10:37) Carlos Marcello is talked about in more detail and his ties in Dallas.

(11:43) Mike delves into the relationship with Cuba and the Mafia.

(12:55) The CIA's motives for possibly being involved in the assassination due to Kennedy trying to dismantle the organization are discussed.

(15:08) Carlos Marcello is given the order to find someone to take out the President.

(16:39) Mike notes that Santo Trafficante said, "I think Marcello was wrong in taking out John Kennedy, it should have been Robert Kennedy."

(17:25) Fronk explains Marcello's confession in prison that he actually arranged the hit and set up Oswald.

(19:00) Dave and Mike get into Oswald and his background to be involved with the assassination, as well as his ties to Russia, CIA and Mafia involvement.

(21:00) Mike mentions Jimmy Hoffa's statement about wanting Kennedy dead.

(23:40) Fronk jumps into the FBI's possible involvement and JFK's relationship with J. Edgar Hoover.

(26:00) Cuba and Fidel Castro's potential involvement is discussed.

(28:48) The trio talks about lesser known players that could have been involved including the KGB, a "Manchurian candidate".

(30:38) The Zapruder film is brought into light and the mystery of the umbrella man, who is later identified as Louie Stephen Witt was brought into court in later years as a suspect, unbeknownst to him!

(34:30) Mike introduces James Files, who claimed that he was the second shooter in the grassy knoll.

(37:55) Jakie O is touched on as being a possible link to the death of the JFK.

(41:15) Dave dives into the investigation, the Warren Commission and some aspects of the investigation that were suspicious. The Ramsey Clark Panel is mentioned as well, which was an autopsy investigation that finds conflicting results.

(44:36) Mike expresses thoughts about the lone gunman theory and explains accounts from doctors at Parkland Hospital.

(46:15) Your preceptors give their conclusion of who could have been the guilty party in the assassination of JFK.

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