Your three guides to the unknown have returned for part one of the two part installment of Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour. This debriefing we jump into the void with some current events, and delve into the murky world of Jeffrey Epstein and his apparent suicide in a NYC prison in 2019! We uncover dark truths of who the financier was allegedly involved with, like Ghislaine Maxwell. What went on within the walls of an upper east side townhouse, beach side mansion in Palm Beach? What serious accusations of heinous acts have been brought to light in recent years? You're logged into the manifest, lock your tray tables in an upright position and hang in there. It's going to be a long flight.

Welcome back HUSHLINGS!

Show Notes:

(1:25) Fronk and Dave introduce Jeffrey Epstein and his early career and his teaching career at the Dalton School

(3:10) Epstein leaves the Dalton School and talked his way into Bear Stearns, a financial company.

(3:55) Dave goes into Epstein's other career moves and involvement in a large Ponzi scheme.

(4:24) Les Wexner is introduced, and Mike goes into his corporation, L Brands. As well as some testimonials from Wexner.

(7:50) Maria Farmer, one victim in the 90's is talked about with her involvement with Epstein at Wexner's property in Ohio.

(9:24) Mike goes into Maria Framer's artwork and the piece of art that Epstein first bought in their introduction.

(10:37) Dave talks about Annie Farmers's accounts of her abuse from Epstein and Maxwell, during a trip to Zorro Ranch, NM.

(13:30) The first assault is reported by one of the Farmer sisters to the NYPD/FBI and nothing came of it.

(14:41) Mystery Mike goes into Ghislaine Maxwell and her life, her father Robert Maxwell and how she got involved with Jeffrey Epstein

(16:23) Fronk and Mike go into some of the events of the early 2000's at the Palm Beach, FL property

(17:42) Dave introduces Shawna Rivera and her compensation of $200 after giving Epstein and massage.

(21:18) The first search of Epstein's Palm Beach mansion is conducted

(24:23) The FBI is introduced in 2008 to the mix and Dave talks about Alexander Acosta's first involvement and his 'sweetheart deal'

(29:05) Dave and Fronk jump into the fact that Epstein and his "conspirators" can't be prosecuted

(31:45) Dave introduces Virigina 'Roberts' Giuffre and her claims of abuse from Epstein

(33:26) Another victim Sarah Ransome is introduced by Mike and Dave

(35:54) June 2016 a claim of rape is made against Donald Trump

(37:78) Dave mentions that Alexander Acosta is appointed US Labor Secretary by President Donald Trump.

(40:17) Mike tells us that Alexander Acosta resigns as US Labor Secretary

(42:27) Epstein is found dead in his jail cell on Aug. 10, 2019 from an apparent suicide.

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