This week we find our triad de Hush back on the Mar-A-Lago Estate or maybe the Zorro Ranch? The Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour in part two of the Jeffrey Epstein suicide. We go deeper into the darkness, sift emails, victims tales, and all different angles maybe not yet uncovered in plain sight. Remember, flight records are forever!

Welcome back HUSHLINGS!

Show Notes:

(2:08) Mike dives into the circumstances in the Metropolitan Correctional Center during and after the suicide.
(3:10) Fronk goes over some of the findings of Jeffrey Espteins suicide, especially the fractured hyoid bone.
(4:31) Dave mentions Dr. Michael Bayden who was hired by Epstein's brother
(7:08) Christian Roman, a Dr. that performed an autopsy and some of Epsteins's pre-existing conditions
(9:05) Mike whispers about a possibility of Epstein's autopsy report possibly not even being his body at the morgue
(16:53) Ghilaine Maxwell is mentioned and the details to her arrest and the missing mugshot.
(18:47) President Trump wishes Maxwell well after the arrest on live television in 2020.
(19:55) Fronk starts to open the files of the flight logs on Epstein's private jet and the names that were mentioned as well as the amount of flights.
(21:37) Mike and the trio lists some of the accusations of people that spent time with Epstein and how many trips they took to his properties.
(23:05) Maxwell's assistant, Sarah Kellen is talked about and her involvement
(28:50) Fronk goes into Emmy Taylors involvement like Sarah Kellen.
(29:36) His wealth and power are talked about by Dave and how he could have silenced people
(30:47) Fronk questions Trump and Acosta's involvement with Epstein's "sweetheart deal."
(32:00) The details of the day of the suicide is discussed by Mystery Mike

(34:31) The idea of another inmate may have murdered Jeffrey Epstein
(36:30) Mike goes into some possible suspects in who could kill Epstein, such as the Clintons. .
(38:19) Fronk touches on how Bill Clinton allegedly dismissed his secret service detail for up to 5 flights on Epstein's private jet.
(39:13) Hillary Clinton's involvement in NY politics is mentioned by Declassified Dave and Mystery Mike.
(41:28) Mike mentions that Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-A-Lago
(43:04) Fronk and Mike go into detail about Prince Andrew's accusations and involvement with Jeffrey Epstein
(46:02) The Royal Family is briefly gone into and their weird happening and possible involvement to Epstein.
(47:06) Dave and the rest of the Hush Hush Society talk about a global trafficking network, Ghislaine Maxwell, and how they could have only been pawns in a larger unimaginable scheme.
(49:00) Your preceptors wrap up the people, facts and situations talked about, their opinions and hypothesis of the entire situation. Be sure to join us in 2 weeks for Debriefing #007 - The Majestic-12 as well as our future merchandise store.

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