#007- Majestic-12

Your preceptors are back and opening the declassified files of the elusive and secretive Majestic-12. First initiated by the events of the Roswell UFO Incident in 1947 by Harry S. Truman. Made up of 12 scientists, military leaders and government officials for what exact cause?
We will take a crash course in what the US government may have wanted to keep from the public eye.

Show Notes:
(2:03) Mystery Mike and Declassified introduce the Majestic 12, the events of the Roswell Incident taking place prior to the group's conception.
(3:29) A second newspaper report surfaced that the crash was a weather balloon
(6:30) Mike opens up the possibility of Area 51 being in existence before the Roswell Incident as the wreckage was transported to a military facility.
(9:38) Walker Air Force Base could have been a possible location for a staging point for the "spacecraft".
(9:50) Dave goes into what the Majestic 12 consisted of and how it leaked in 1984 and came to public light when a roll of 35mm film was sent anonymously to Jaime Shandera in Burbank, CA.
(10:30) Shandera and his ufologists Stanton T. Friedman and Bill Moore say they later received a series of anonymous messages that led them to find what has been called the "Cutler/Twining memo"
(11:19) Mike dives into the signature of Harry S. Truman on the documents.
(14:27) Richard Doty of United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations tells filmmaker Linda Moulton Howe that the MJ-12 story was true, and showed Howe 'unspecified documents purporting to prove the existence of small, grey humanoid aliens originating from the Zeta Reticuli star system'.
(18:21) Dave fills us in that the FBI did an investigation on the MJ12 documents and concluded that it was, "BOGUS". Fronk and Mike delve into the censored information on the said documents.
(19:55) The trio introduces the members of MJ-12
(33:10) Dave examines some of the secret projects carried out at Area 51 and S4, for example the U2. (36:23) The Pentagon released a statement that we have "off world vehicles" and released a video from some years back of a US military pilot's UFO sightings
(38:12) One employee named Bob Lazar from S4 came forward in the 1980's that he worked for the US Navy at S4 where he had said that he reversed engineered alien spacecraft
(39:08) The trio touches more on the Pentagons release

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