We join our trio again, this time on September 19, 1961 cruising through the forests of New Hampshire in our '57 Chevrolet Bel Air on our way back from a Niagara Falls vacation with Betty and Barney Hill.
What they claimed happened to them is to be the first major alien abduction report in the United States...
We examine what craft the couple encountered that night, the "beings" they had seen and telepathically communicated with. They heard rhythmic beeping and buzzing sounds, a tingling sensation passing through their bodies as their car vibrated, only to lose consciousness. Later to find they had traveled nearly 35 miles south, with only vague and spotty memories. We look through the binoculars and try to seek.

What did the Hill's experience?
How it affected them afterward?
What did they encounter?
...and who?

Show Notes:

(2:33) Your trio introduces the Zeta Reticuli Incident or the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.
(3:41) The Zeta Reticuli star system astronomical facts are explained.
(4:44) Mystery Mike goes into the background of the Hill's.
(5:09) The incident took place on September 19th, 1961. The lead up to the encounter is talked about.
(8:48) The events of the first encounter with the spacecraft is delved into.
(13:00) The abduction events and the missing time as well as the locational change is introduced.
(14:55) Dave briefly dives back into MJ12.
(17:49) The Hill's arrive back home after the event and the aftermath is mentioned, their watches didn't work and Betty's dress was torn...
(21:44) Betty reports the incident with the United States Air Force and is brought to Major Paul W. Henderson telephoned the Hills for a more detailed interview. Project Bluebook is also mentioned.
(24:00) NICAP member and astronomer Walter Webb spoke with the Hill's, having a 6 hour long interview.
(26:00) Betty's series of dreams are talked about.
(31:31) Betty had claimed that she had telepathically communicated with a being and was shown a 'star map'.
(34:15) Marjorie Fish spends years looking into the star map and concludes that it is a map of the Zeta Reticuli system, including Zeta 1 & 2 stars. She then sends her findings to Webb.
(37:25) Mystery Mike continues on the star map.
(40:09) Fronk tells us about Benjamin Simon, a hypnotist from Boston dives into Barney's accounts.
(43:10) The first mention of the probe.
(44:10) Betty's sessions are discussed by the trio.
(45:30) Your preceptors mention a wild 'trade route scenario' that was brought up during the sessions.
(46:22) Barney Hill passed away on February 25, 1969.
(47:19) Simon's conclusions are not taken well by the HIll's as they disagreed with his findings.
(49:22) Mystery Mike gives us a theory of the event.

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