#011-The Vatican Pt. 1

Welcome to Season 2!  The Hush Hush Society is back as your Preceptors  explore the secrets and mysteries of The Vatican,  Home to the Pope head of the Catholic Church. We sift through the archives and try to uncover what they are withholding within the walls.  Housing sites like the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Obelisk to the documents that could expose alien plots, ties to the Italian Mob, even the true existence of Jesus Christ himself, in the secret compilation of books and objects.  

What are they up to? What do they know, or not want us to know?

(3:06)  Your Preceptors delve into some facts about Vatican City, its size and location, including their politics and economics
(5:36)  The Holy See is mentioned and their control of The Vatican and the Pope's Instagram.
(7:24) The Lateran Treaty of 1929 is brought into the light.
(8:50)  Mike mentions a fact about 'if' Churches were taxed.
(10:00)  The trio talk about some historical sites within Vatican City.
(11:35) The Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD is brought up as well St. Peters crucifixion.
(13:20)  The Pope's history and involvement within Vatican City is discussed and the events that take place when a new Pope is chosen.
(15:12)  Your Hushmasters go into some documents within the Vatican Archives; The Galileo Trials and his quarrels with the Pope
(18:07) The Templar Knights Scroll is brought up by Fronk and their demise.
(22:58) Mystery Mike introduces The Grand Grimoire, a supposed book where you can summon the Devil and the trio talk of a claim that the Devil actually lived within the Vatican
(26:39) The Vatican Observatory and a priest's quote is delved upon that could shake up 2000 years up thinking.
(29:04)  Mike asks his pizons if they would sell their soul to the Devil.
(31:00)  Dave brings up a an allegation that the Vatican holds the truth that Jesus Christ may have not existed
(33:44)  Mike asks the question, "what if there was no religion?"
(36:16)  The Illuminati is mentioned and their involvement with controlling the Vatican.
(37:09)  Your Preceptors go more into the Knights Templar and add more details on why they were exterminated as well as how they 'could have' survived and formed the Illuminati.
(40:00)  Many Holy relics are brought into the conversation like the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Grail and how the Vatican may have them in their possession.

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