#012- The Vatican Pt. 2

Welcome back to Vatican City!  Your Preceptors explore the secrets and mysteries of The Vatican Archives yet again!

Last week we  spoke of sites like the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Obelisk, and St. Peters Square.

 This Debriefing we peer into time viewing machines,  read ties to the Italian Mob, see visions of holy entities, and learn secrets of world war 2.

What are they up to?
What do they know, or not want us to know?

(1:02) Fronk recaps part 1 of The Vatican; and the trio mention more about The Grand Grimoire.
(5:24) The Three secrets of Fatima are introduced, where 3 Portuguese shepherd children were visited by the Virgin Mary.
(6:15) Dave talks about the first secret in a partial quote.
(7:33) Fronk and Mike mention the 2nd and 3rd secrets.
(10:00) Dave goes into what Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone's response was to the girls accounts.  
(11:43) Mystery Mike goes in the Vatican archives collection of erotica and the boys delve into the subject.
(13:53) Your preceptors talk in more length of their opinions of what the 3 girls saw.
(16:06) We peer into the device known as the Chronovisor.
(18:00) Pellegrino Ernetti claimed to witness a play in 169 BC as well as seeing the crucifixion of Jesus and the question of why the Vatican would want the device?
(20:38) Mike questions that the Chronovisor may have been used to manipulate economies' success, including Apple.
(26:10) Fronk, Dave and Mike talk about Freemasonry and the Vatican's view of secret societies as well as the Freemasons.
(30:00) Dave brings up the links between the Vatican and the Italian Mob and some financial scandals.
(31:50) The Vatican kept its neutrality in WW2 and how some Allied troops were allowed to sit out during bombing  raids on Christian sites is mentioned by your chums.
(33:21)  Some Nazis being aided to escape to South America by the Vatican is alleged by your receptors.
(35:23)  Pope Pius XII is introduced by Dave and the rest of the guys talk about how the Pope's silence and failure to stop and condemn the Nazis actions.
(37:57) The Hushmasters discuss major facts about the Vatican and what could be still housed within the archives as well as their opinions.
(41:40)  Dave and Mike jump in if the Vatican is involved with extraterrestrials and introduce Debriefing 013.

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