#013- Area 51/S4

Your trio is back and hitching a ride economy class on Janet Airlines through the desert of southern Nevada to the secret military installation known as, Area 51 and we sift through files and documents of what might be going on there.  

Storing and reverse engineering otherworldly spacecraft?
Creating secret Weapons and projects?  
Even housing living extraterrestrials within the complex?
We hop the fence and raid the most top secret base in the US.  

(4:33) Mike goes into a little background on the facility as well as its whereabouts.  Dave and Fronk add a few more facts about the origin of the name.
(7:00) Homey Airport (KXTA) is mentioned as well as the unmarked terminal at McCarran International Airport.
(8:21) Janet Airlines is gone into more detail by your trio.
(10:50) The Cheshire Airstrip and the story of a commercial pilot's accounts of flying from Las Vegas to an invisible airstrip in the Dead Horse flat area of the desert is discussed.
(16:39) We introduce some of the allegations of what is going on in Area 51, like reverse engineering alien spacecraft.
(18:00) June 25th 2013, was the day that Area 51 was acknowledged by the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act.
(19:41) Mike recaps about the Majestic 12 which was featured during Debriefing #007.
(22:00) The S4 location is introduced by your lovely Preceptors which is located near the Papoose mountain range.
(23:00) Dave brings Bob Lazar into the mix and his claim to have worked at S4 to reverse engineer off world spacecraft through the company EG&G and the Hushmasters discuss.
(26:55) Mystery Mike mentions the mysterious element, Element 115.
(28:11) All of Lazar's degrees from MIT and CalTech and his employment was denied after he blew the whistle of what he did at S4.
(31:00) David Fravor, a US Navy pilot is mentioned by Fronk about the 2004 US Navy's footage of an 'off world vehicle' which was released in summer of 2020.
(36:00) Jrod, the extraterrestrial that lived within Area 51 from the Zeta Reticuli star system who allegedly crashed in Kingman, AZ is gone into detail by the trio.
(39:29) The theory that gray aliens including Jrod were from Earth from the future and the boys go into a long beautiful discussion about the topic.
(47:29) Mike mentions how far just the Zeta Reticuli star system is and how long it would take to get there with conventional rockets, lengths of time that are unimaginable.
(48:15) The London Hammer is brought up, set to be in stone 1 million years old!
(50:32)  Abydos, Egypt is talked about and brought that it is know for the temple of Seti which ironically is spelled the same as SETI.
(53:20)  The Lockheed programs that are known to be tested and made at Area 51 are mentioned.
(54:34)  The Raid Area 51 Facebook event is touched on which was supposed to raid the base on September, 20th 2019.
(56:06)  The question is raised of how much of Area 51 is actually on the surface, and mostly underground.
(57:00)  The preceptors sum up their opinions and discuss what really could be going on at Area 51 and S4, with the facts of it being confirmed that we have alien spacecraft and other glimpse of disclosure.

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