#014- Bohemian Grove

We are back yet again as we join your Hushmasters in Monte Rio, California where we peer through binoculars on the Bohemian Club's all male forest retreat known as Bohemian Grove.

Where powerful business leaders and media executives, government officials, musicians and even US Presidents become members.

We take a seat at owls nest camp for the daily chat and try to access old guard status.

(4:23)  Fronk and the boys begin our Debriefing with some basic information about the grounds, which has a man made lake and giant concrete owl statue.
(6:30) In 1878 Henry Edwards, stage actor and founding member relocated to NY and the club threw him a send off, which became their annual gathering.
(7:45)  We go into how you can join this prestigious club, some wait up to 15 years.
(10:15)  Fronk goes into more detail about these mid summer gatherings as well as the earned, "Old Guard" status after 40 years of membership.
(11:51)  Herbert Hoover was inducted into the Old Guard in 1953.  Richard Nixon, Clint Eastwood and Dick Chaney are some other members.
(13:29)  We go into detail of the security detail within the complex.
(15:16)  There have been multiple infiltrations of the grove in 1980, 1989, 2000, and 2002.  One of them being Alex Jones.
(16:43)  The boys go into detail and discuss the symbolism of some of the statues within the grove as well as the Cremation of Care Ceremony.
(19:24)  Mike asks the question if Jeffrey Epstein is a member of Bohemian Grove, and Fronk fills us in on a shrine that Epstein had that had very similar features to the owl statue.
(21:01)  The Cremation of Care Ceremony is gone into a little more detail.
(22:00)  We mention Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom, possibly the Babyloian demon Lylith, or  Canaanite God, Molach who is associated with child sacrifice.
(25:35) The boys question if they actually performed human sacrifice and in 1872 there were only 12 original members.
(27:48)  Your Preceptors talk about some photographs that are in circulation that look very much like human sacrifice.
(31:19)  We deliver the motto of the Bohemian Grove, "weaving spiders come not here." as well as go into detail on some speeches at the grove, even subjects like the NWO!
(33:10)  Fronk fills the Hushlings in that some of the meetings pertaining to the Manhattan Project happened on the grounds of Bohemian Grove.
(34:34)  Mike, Fronk and Dave mention the ONLY 4 female members of the Bohemian Club/Grove.
(37:42)  Mike mentions some acts within the grove, such as "extreme sexual games".
(39:07)  Your Hushmasters go into a discussion about their findings and opinions of the Bohemian Grove.
(45:43) Don't forget to tune in for a fellow Hushling's request of Debriefing 015 - The Men in Black streaming January 18th.

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