We are back and dressed in black, dapper in fact...  Following the supposed strange group of agents known as the Men in Black.  What is this shadowy group of figures up to,  Who are they?

With accounts of harassment, threats and even assassinations of UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they've seen...  

Claims of strange features and behavior, they could even possibly be aliens themselves.  Join the Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour as we throw on the sunglasses for the Men in Black. 


(4:00)  Your Preceptors introduce the MIB and describe their appearance and behavior.

(7:22)  Fronk explains the typical events of a visit from the Men in Black.

(8:00)  Harold Dahl in 1947 claimed to have been warned to not speak about a UFO sighting after being visited by a man in a black suit in Puget Sound.

(10:01)  Two Army A2 Intel Officers flew from CA to WA and their B25 Bomber ironically crashed during the return flight of the trip.

(10:24)  Kenneth Arnold and Dahl made the account public through a variety of publications.

(13:30)  Ufologist and Demonologist  John Keele, who wrote, "The Mothman Prophecies," stated some MIB encounters are just mundane events.  He also states that UFO intelligences are not extraterrestrials but ultraterrestrials.

(16:13)  The boys discuss the connections with the paranormal and extraterrestrials.

(19:15)  Dave goes into the accounts of Albert K. Bender of Bridgeport, CT.  In 1952 he created the IFSB (International Flying Saucer Bureau).  After one year he shut down the program after he was visited by three Men in Black.

(20:55) Edgar R. Jared and Harold Fulton received visits from these dark figures as well and shut down their own UFO organizations.

(22:26)  Mike fills us in about the Journal of American Folklore’s articles in the 1980's about the MIB, including Richard Sharp Shaver writings of the species, The Deros.

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(26:39)  Dave asks the question if the MIB is an actual black project group or are they actually ultra or extraterrestrials themselves and the boys elaborate.

(30:18)  After 9 years of silence, Bender wrote a book called, "Flying Saucers and the Three Men."  Claiming they were beings from the planet Kazik.

(31:33)  Fronk gets into some more accounts of visits from the MIB.  In 1976, Dr. Herbert Hopkins was studying a UFO encounter and had someone with no hair, pale complexion, no lips and a black suit.  He showed him a coin that disappeared, threatened him and disappeared himself.

(34:00)  In 1957 Howard Menger was visited by two men in black suits and was told to stop researching UFO's, also in 1965 Rex Heflin took photos of a UFO and was visited days later for those photos.  Years later the photos reappear in his mailbox.

(35:05)  In April 1966 in Norwalk, CT two boys saw a UFO and a man dressed in black claiming to be from the government came to the school and questioned the children.

(36:00)  Mike brings us up to speed about an encounter that was captured by CCTV in 2008 in a Hotel in Ontario, Canada.  They wore black and appeared as identical twins.

(40:00)  Your Preceptors discuss their opinions and thoughts on what or who the Men and Black are.

(44:25)  Mike gives us some older accounts of the MIB.  During the middle ages there were sightings of men silencing people for seeing, "Visions of God."  They also wore black robes.

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