#016- The Hollow Earth

This week we are going full bore into hollow earth theory. Is the Earth's interior filled with massive voids, continents, atmospheres, UFOs and even other civilizations ? 

First proposed by Edmond Halley in the 1600s and lives on today.


Ancient Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Celtic, Germanic and many Native American cultures describe origins of a subterranean past or underworld.  

We fly into the Symmes Hole and try to uncover the mysteries behind all the stories and legends.


(4:43) Dave and your wonderful Preceptors go over some basics about Hollow Earth Theory, originally proposed by Edmond Halley.  Fronk and Mike go into the Schiehallion experiment.

(6:48) Vertical deflection is described by your trio. Remember friends, we are not physicists.

(9:00) The boys list and discuss many ancient cultures that believe in a subterranean world, such as in Celtic, Chinese, Hindu and Germanic folklore.  A discussion follows.

(14:37) Mike and Dave go into some Native American underworld beliefs.

(16:03) Fronk introduces us to Cyrus Teed, a doctor from upstate New York, proposed such a concave Hollow Earth in 1869, calling his scheme "Cellular Cosmogony".  as well as Adolf Hitler was influenced by concave Hollow Earth ideas (Concave Theory).

(18:58) Dave and Mike dig into some others that proposed the theory; Lyon Sprague De Camp, an American sci-fi writer, Leonhard Eule, a Swiss mathematician, astronomer, and engineer proposed a hollow-Earth idea.  More are introduced within the conversation.

(22:21)  We introduce John Cleves Symmes and his claims of 1,400 mile wide openings at the poles.

(24:13) The boys discuss Atlantis and Hollow Earth Theory as well as some other ideas they have during this drilling.

(26:57)  We fly over some authors from the 1900's that proposed the theory; one being Vladimir Obruchev who also claims of an interior sun. 

(29:49) George Papashvily wrote in 1940 that giants lived within the Earth in his, "Anything Can Happen" book and your Preceptors mention some other accounts.

(37:50) Novelist Lobsang Rampa who believes ancient machinery is underneath the Himalayas of Tibet and Michael Grumley links Bigfoot and other cryptids to underground worlds.

(39:05) We discuss UFOs and Hollow Earth Theory.

(40:35)  Richard Sharpe Shaver, claimed that a superior pre-historic race had built a system of caves in the Earth, known as "Deros", that live there still, using the fantastic machines abandoned by the ancient races to torment those of us living on the surface.

(43:06)  David Childress states that a tunnel system exists from South America to Central Asia.  

(44:24)  Mike, Dave and Fronk bring up a proposed entrance, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

(47:09)  Dave and the boys go into detail of Admiral Richard Byrd's accounts of flying into one of the Symmes Holes, and making contact with the race that lives inside the Earth.

(49:30) We mention that he met someone named, "The Master," who was the leader of the underground civilization and they were unhappy with our atomic bombs.  We discuss what could happen if there were cities under atomic bomb detonations.

(54:43)  Mike cracks open some facts about seismology and how it conflicts with Hollow Earth Theory.  Fronk fills us in about how far we've drilled into the Earth.

(57:25)  The boys discuss the theory of gravity and its argument against a hollow Earth.

(58:32)  We mention an international banking conspiracy working to cover up Hollow Earth, which we had talked about in our MIB Debriefing.

(01:01:22)  The Hushmasters deliver their own opinions of the theory.


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