#017- Mind Uploading

We dig deep into our minds and unlock the secrets of Mind Uploading or as some call the transfer of consciousness.  


Where your physical brain is scanned to create an emulation of your memories, one's self, and even full consciousness, copied into digital form, uploaded and ran on a computer. Possibly even inside an android body? 


We peel back the layers and ask all the questions.


Do we live within a simulation like this ourselves? Will we be able to live beyond our physical bodies? Become immortal?


(2:03)  The boys introduce mind uploading or also known as whole brain emulation (WBE) or transfer of consciousness, and the hypothetical process of scanning a physical structure of the to create an emulation of the mental state to include memories and consciousness then copying it to a computer in a digital form, or robot.

(4:19)  Mike talks about the process that creates what's known as a SIM or substrate-independent mind and its objective is to be able to sustain person-specific functions of mind.

(4:54)  Neuromorphic engineering, a concept developed by Carver Mead an American scientist and engineer, in the late 1980s is mentioned by Fronk and explained by your trio.

(8:07)  We discuss some methods of how they could possibly map your brain as well as how much storage the human brain has within.

(10:50)  Mike tells an account of where some scientists dissected a mouse brain, the size of a grain of rice and sliced it into 25,000 pieces.

(13:10)  A scary thought is brought up...  File corruption, and your preceptors have a chat about how you can modify your files as well as get a virus, similar to a video game.

(15:53)  Dave brings up the question of consciousness, what it could be and could it be transmitted into a digital form.  Mike and Fronk add.

(18:50)  Mike questions that mental health could be a corrupted file in a hypothetical simulation.

(20:00)  Some believe mind uploading is an important proposed life extension technology and is a better alternative to cryogenics as a means of preserving humanity as a species as well as a answer for long distance interstellar travel.

(22:48)  Some believe that mind uploading already exists and families such as the Rockefellars, Rothschilds are continuations of ancestral minds in new clone bodies or sleeves

(23:30)  Fronk introduces us to the Blue Brain Project, Swiss research group founded in 2005 and your Hushmasters elaborate.

(25:02)  The company Nectome, promises to preserve brains in microscopic detail using a high-tech embalming process. Its chemical solution can keep a body intact for hundreds of years.  Han Solo is freaking out!

(27:28)  Ray Kurtzweil, the director of engineering at Google  predicts that by 2045, technology will have surpassed human brainpower.  The singularity, and the boys talk about technology and it's fast forward movement.

(29:28)  We bring up the question of why we should invest in this technology, climate change, asteroids and our eventual need to leave Earth.  Your Preceptors bring up their ideas and concerns.

(37:00)  Dave brings to light a theory of replacing your biological neurotransmitters with something mechanical.

(38:00)  Michio Kaku, in collaboration with Science Channel, says we can achieve teleportation using quantum entanglement and whole brain emulation using an advanced MRI machine.

(40:00) This raises the topics of morality, philosophical conundrums and the furthering of clone technology. 

(43:00)  We question what a brain would need to live outside of a living body, what functions would you need in an android, cyborg or robot.

(44:30)  Fronk raises the question if your brain was data, could you be hacked?  We also bring up the parts of the brain responsible for certain functions and split brain people.

(49:13)  We talk about what happens when you lose consciousness, whether it be from injury or anesthesia.

(51:40)  Mike brings up the fact that even with the positives, there will be groups of people that disagree, as well as extremists even possible bioterrorism.

(55:03)  Your trio wraps up and gives us their final thoughts on mind uploading.

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