#019- Antarctic Bases

We find ourselves back yet again at the south pole of the planet, Antarctica.  We travel deep into this vast frozen land and ask questions like; 

What was Antarctica like in the remote past and was it inhabited by an ancient civilization or possibly aliens? 

Did the Hitler and the Nazi's build a secret base under the ice?  

Why is there a treaty to keep others out? What is beyond what were told?

We drill deep into the core of the mystery of what might be going on in the most inhospitable places on Earth.

(4:00)  Your Preceptors fill us in about the continent of Antarctica, its size, climate, and geography are described.  

(7:04)  Dave mentions the Russian expedition in 1820 which was supposed to be the first known humans to reach Antarctica.  Fronk brings up The Piri Reis Map 

which was made in 1513, showing it is presumed to be Antarctica.

(8:00)  We talk a little more on Antarctica's ancient past, where there were findings of a warmer climate in the past.

(10:44)  Mystery mike brings us up to speed about the Antarctic Treaty in 1959 which was signed by 12 countries.  The boys discuss what they could be doing there and why only 12?

(15:33)  We jump into the topic of Operation Highjump, led by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd and what the operation consisted of.  The Hushies discuss more on Richard Byrd and his accounts of the Symmes Hole.

(19:09) A Chilean newspaper ran an interview with Byrd, where he warned about invasions coming from the polar regions.  We discuss as it could be the underground world of Agartha, which was claimed where Hitler could have escaped to.

(23:44) Again...  We explore what the Germans were doing in Antarctica and some of their early expeditions in 1901/03 and 1911/12 as well as in 1938.  There are claims that the Nazi's have a subterranean base under the ice.

(27:19)  Mike and the boys get into New Swabia, which was in Queen Maud Land a territory of Norway.  We also question if there are massive voids under the ice and the oceans of the world.

(31:20) The "Pyramids" of Antarctica are brought to light and discuss if they are natural structures or made by intelligence.  We discuss what some geologists and other scientists believe what these formations are.

(36:00)  We talk about the possibility of the lost city of Atlantis and could it and its civilization have been destroyed by 'crustal displacement theory' and according to Charles Hapgood's 1958 book 'Earth's Shifting Crust',  the continent of Antarctica was in fact originally much further north than its current position. 

(39:50)  Your Preceptors talk about UFOs and how Nazi's describe supposedly successful attempts to develop advanced aircraft or spacecraft prior to and during World War II, and further assert the post-war survival of these craft in secret underground bases in Antarctica.  Mike expands the theory!

(45:37) Fronk and the fellow Hushstronauts briefly bring up the subject of Flat Earth and the ice walls that are at the ends of the Earth!

(48:00)  We discuss our opinions and conclusions about what could be going on with the continent of Antarctica.


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