We join our Preceptors for the premiere episode of Season 3 for a smoke session in conspiracies with Marijuana.  We elevate ourselves in discussion about the plant itself and how it got its status it has today within our society.

(4:05)  Mike fires up some facts about hemp.  The boys elaborate and discuss cultures that used hemp/cannabis.
(7:12)  It is mentioned that there hasn't been a single recorded overdose or death associated with cannabis.
(8:52)  Fronk brings the Native American cultures to light and their uses for the plant, as well as the founding fathers of the USA.  Some of them include George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
(10:14)  Mike delivers some facts about marijuana and the beginnings of cannabis and hemp prohibition.  The Preceptors also discuss the Federal  Government's scheduling of the drug, which is in the same schedule as heroin
(13:45)  We ask the question; when will cannabis be legal federally and explain a little more about dispensaries.
(15:09)  We talk about some of the uses of cannabis, especially medicinally.  We also talk about the taxes and revenue of the industry as well as states with legality still have people incarcerated for cannabis.
(19:06)  We talk about Henry J Anslinger (head of Federal Bureau of Narcotic Drugs) and his comments about cannabis shortly after the prohibition of alcohol was lifted.  Some of these comments are absolutely absurd.
(21:40)  Fronk tells us a drug story in the wild.
(22:31)  Andrew Mellon, a businessman who was a principal shareholder for Dupont.  The hemp industry was threatening the lumber industry.  He appointed a family member, Anslinger, to do his work on cannabis.
(27:05)  Mike introduces William Randolf Hurst, also who had high stakes in lumber, came together with Anslinger and Melon to squash hemp.  Mike also brings up the decordicator, a machine that processes hemp incredibly fast.
(29:36)  Fronk talks to us about "Yellow Journalism," the OG fake news.  Hurst reported on a car accident where a marijuana cigarette was found, demonizing the plant even further.  We go further and introduce Nixon's war on drugs.
(32:20)  Unfortunately, the war on drugs was fueled mainly on racism, and your Preceptors discuss
(34:20)  We go into the DARE program a little bit, their changes on their view of cannabis.  We explore the term, "marijuana is a gateway drug".
(37:00)  Fronk mentions some uses for medical cannabis and the boys touch on why big pharma is pushing against cannabis legalization.  We discuss in detail.
(43:39)  Mike blows some facts about cannabis and its use in the USA through some smoke.
(46:34)  Dave and Mike give their opinions of this topic.

featured:  Reve Kalell - Independent Hip Hop Artist

Find Reve on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1YkSOZ6jVB2yRaZGRCPH-g

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