#022- Flat Earth

In this debriefing the Hushmasters discuss one of the most controversial conspiracy theories ever, Flat Earth. They discuss the history of the belief and how it translated into modern day. They get into the science of the planet and NASA.

(5:07) Flat Earth theory and its history with ancient cultures is explained and brought into the spotlight.

(7:23) Dave goes into some facts about the Earth.  Fronk and Mike elaborate. 
(11:11) Your Preceptors explain Earth's movement and speed within the Earth/Moon system. 
(11:43) Mike introduces the main conspiracy that NASA is hiding the existence of ice walls in Antarctica and how they faked imagery of the Earth. We ask why? 
(14:45) We also ask the question of why Flat Earth and creationism go hand in hand? Is the Earth of intelligent design?
(15:54) The early Egyptians believed in a cosmology where the Earth is a disc surrounded by water, in a dome.  The boys also touch on similarities from ancient Germanic, Norse and Greek beliefs. 
(21:20) In ancient China, the belief that the Earth was flat was only considered not fact all the way up to the 17th century. 
(21:53) Alexander Gleason created the Gleason Map in 1892 where the North Pole is at the center of the map. We discuss other maps and publications that were released in the 18 and 1900s about Zetetic Astronomy. 
(28:55) Samuel Shenton is brought up. He made claims that after the launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik that it did not prove the Earth was a globe.  It is also mentioned that he was hell bent on teaching young minds that the Earth was not a globe.
(36:00) The Hushmasters bring up 4 major talking point and arguments for Flat Earth theory. The ISS is fake, there are no stars, the Earth is an egg and Google Maps fakes images.
(38:06) We delve into some scientific evidence against Flat Earth. Foucaults Pendulum, the coriolis effect, the equinox and seasonal changes.
(40:48) Flight paths are discussed by the boys.
(45:00) The natural phenomenon of superior mirages is brought up and how the process of different temperatures of layers of air can distort what you see. 
(49:13) We discuss the Sun and how an experiment mentioned by Carl Sagan in his series, COSMOS where the points of light were measured in two different points at the same time. Yielding an accurate size and shape of the Earth in Alexandrian times.
(59:38) Heading south, we discuss the misinterpreted notion about ice domes. 
(1:03:22) According to the Flat Earth Society, severl ice walls of 1,000 miles long or so surround the entire Earth and the ice is attached to the bedrock.
(1:06:12) Fronks Final Thoughts 


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