#023- HAARP

We join our trio as we switch on the power and high into the atmospheric research station known as HAARP. We seek what experiments were performed to the now "shut down" installation and what the US Military was using this cutting-edge technology for... Research of the Ionosphere? Weather manipulation? Mind Control?...
(5:13) Your preceptors turn on the power and deliver some background on what HAARP is, and discuss its equipment and what it was used for, that we know of.
(9:42) Fronk gives us some information about HAARPs history and who built and operated the facility. Dave mentions its shutdown and selling to the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2015.
(11:14) We go into some of the conspiracies about the facility. The boys ask the question if the military is actually using HAARP for weather modification as a weapon.
(14:25) Dave introduces Dr. Bernard Eastland who is most associated with the development of the project and your trio elaborates on some points of the patent from the 80’s that contradict that HAARP cannot be used for weather modification.
(18:50) Mike elaborates on Dr. Eastland and some of his 53 patents throughout his career with a lot of them have to do with UV multiplication devices, high intensity discharge lamps and plenty of atmospheric sciences applications.
(23:10) Dave asks the question could HAARP be responsible for earthquakes, most directly the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in 2011 in Japan, causing the Fukashima meltdown. As well as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, The Hushmasters discuss...
(31:00) A conspiracy theorist on UFOblogger.com claims the New Madrid Fault System in the Midwestern US could be the next “target” for a major earthquake event
(32:02) We delve into the idea of HAARP being responsible for major hurricanes in the US in the last decade or so, some of them being; Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Irene and others. We discuss.
(35:19) We also mention the possibility that HAARP caused some of the most devastating fires in the western areas of the US like California, Oregon and Washington. The question that it was DEW (Direct Energy Weapons) that locally caused the fires.
(40:17) The idea of mind control is thrown into your heads by Mystery Mike and the boys. This conspiracy believes that HAARP used shortwave radio wave to control the minds of Americans.
(42:26) Dave and Mike deliver their opinions on the subject of HAARP.(45:06) Fronk’s Final Thoughts

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