#024- The Moon Landings

Your Preceptors are back, strapping in and launching to the Moon. We explore all the facts and the claims stating that NASA did NOT actually land on the Lunar surface. We look through the telescope on The Space Race and global competition, radiation belts, 1960s technology and other anomalies... Could NASA have carried out a hoax on the most giant leap for mankind?


(5:31) Your Hushstronauts deliver a little background about the conspiracies behind the Moon landing hoax. Dave mentions Bill Casey who is one of the roots of claiming the Apollo missions were faked.

(7:54) Mike and the boys give some facts about Earth’s only satellite, the Moon.

(11:17) We ask the question about Earth’s placement with the Moon and Sun is almost too good to be true and why?  Were we created?  A Discussion follows.

(13:30) Dave introduces the Apollo missions.  Your Preceptors elaborate about JFK’s goal to land on the Moon.  Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are mentioned about their famous landing on the lunar surface on July 20th 1969.

(15:13) Mike mentions Hitler and Nazi’s and how the possibility of them making it to the Moon in WW2, especially with their advanced rocket technology.  Dave and Fronk also let’s know that a conspiracy theorist claims the Nazi’s landed on the Moon on August 23rd 1942.  Remember Hushlings, these scientists turned into some of NASA’s key players.

(22:40) The space race and the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union are discussed, Sputnik and the first man to orbit the Earth, being Russian...  Another question is raised, do other countries have lunar bases on the far side of the Moon.

(27:00) SPACE FORCE!  The boys talk about military power in space.

(27:44) We get into some evidence that has been used against the Moon landings, some of which were crosshair anomalies, the quality of the photographs is too high for the time, yet NASA claims they take took “the best” photos.  Stars were said to not be seen; all of these claims have scientific explanations.

(33:39) Shadows and artificial light claims are brought into light by Declassified Dave, he explains an example.  Mike and Fronk elaborate.

(36:33) Fronk talks about the foot prints on the lunar surface.  Mike also mentions that NASA scientists claim they lost the technology from the 60’s that brought us to the Moon, why we have not been back.  We discuss some of this technology compared to today.

(42:05) We bring up the question of why don’t we want to use the Moon instead of Mars as a base for many reasons.

(44:33) Dave goes into some detail about the Van Allen radiation belts which is a zone dangerous and deadly radiation that ranges from 400 miles to 36,000 miles.  One transient belt closest to Earth is called the Southern Atlantic Anomaly which is avoided by all space programs.

(49:41) Mike directs us to the accusation of Stanley Kubrick’s involvement of actually directing the first 3 Moon landings since he had just made, 2001: A Space Odyssey.  We discuss on set.

(53:47) The Blueprints from the missions are missing, telemetry data, tapes of the Apollo 11 mission are missing.

(57:28) Your Preceptors ask the question if the astronauts encountered alien life on the lunar surface.

(58:37) Fronk’s Final Thoughts

(1:00:13) Mystery Mike and Declassified Dave give their opinions on the Moon Landing Hoax.

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