#026- D.B. Cooper

Put your tray tables in an upright position and explore the mystery behind the hijacking of the Northwest Orient Airlines that departed from Portland International Airport on Thanksgiving eve of 1971. Strap on your parachute as we seek answers of how “Dan Cooper” leapt to an uncertain fate over southwestern Washington with $200,000 and disappeared off the face of the Earth. A manhunt and a 45-year-long FBI investigation followed with multiple suspects, yet his identity remains, unknown…

Join the Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour for Debriefing 026 – DB Cooper Hijacking

(2:42) Mike introduces us to all boarding procedures and our passenger in question; Dan “DB” Cooper. After claiming to have bomb by slipping a note to a flight attendant we discuss how the rest of the hijacking played out.

(6:10) 10,000 unmarked 20-dollar bills were demanded by Cooper and delivered by the FBI in Seattle.

(8:45) We question in Cooper had knowledge of the aviation industry or even military experience. We continue explaining the rest of the happenings of that evening.

(10:15) At 10:15 PM DB Cooper “jumped” from the 727 aircraft. Shortly after the aircraft landed in Reno, NV.

(12:30) Your Preceptors begin to lay out some things found during the immediate investigation after the heist, some of accounts from the flight crews’ interviews. This included 66 fingerprints, sunglasses, what he ordered and his demeanor.

(14:45) Dave fills us in to James Long, a local reporter who put the initials “DB” when running Dan Coopers name. Mystery Mike jumps in the investigation and we discuss many of the variables.

(18:40) Fronk delivers the most important question. Did he actually jump out of the plane? Your flight crew continues on about 1972 Air Force tests and the contrasts of the environmental variables. The FBI investigation is also peered into.

(25:40) We continue on about the FBI search, which was the most extensive law enforcement investigation in history.

(28:09) Mike opens the file on some of the evidence from the investigation. He mentions some of the chemicals found on the tie, were also found in aircraft manufacturing plants. Remember someone could have just gone back to work since it was Thanksgiving. A discussion opens.

(31:29) Fronk mentions the instructions from a Boeing 727 found in 1978 by a deer hunter, also in 1980 a boy named Brian Ingraham was at Tina Bar and found 3 packets of money, and was confirmed as DB Cooper ransom money.

(34:23) Between 1971 and 2016 the FBI ran through over 1000 suspects. Your boys discuss some of the suspects that could have been DB Cooper, one of which was an almost identical crime committed by Richard McCoy.

(37:30) Dwayne Weber was another suspect who claimed to be DB Cooper on his deathbed to his wife. Kenneth Christianson was also thought to be another suspect by his brother Lyle.

(44:44) Beginning in the 70’s and ending 2016 at the conclusion of the case, there are 60 volumes that measure 40 feet high when stacked and there have been no arrests and no evidence found. We discuss further.

(47:17) We offer some in flight extra facts about the case.

(48:18) Declassified Dave and Mystery Mike give us last call and deliver their final opinions on the DB Cooper heist.

(50:03) Fronks Final Thoughts.

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