#027- Aokigahara Forest

Journey with us to Japan, to the base of Mount Fuji. There lies the Aokigahara Forest otherwise known as the Suicide Forest or the Sea of Trees. This forest has been the site of hundreds of suicides over the years. Could this be the work of demonic entities, vengeful ghosts or just the serene setting of the lush sea of trees as a final resting place? Explore the forest and leave your trail marker behind.

2:35 The boys talk the geography and history of Aokigahara Forest

5:05 Mike talks about the VICE documentary regarding the forest and a unique park ranger job

5:48 The signage and prevention of suicide in the forest is discussed

6:55 Fronk goes into the statistics of suicides within the forest

7:58 The boys talk the ‘romantic’ Japanese book that sparked the unfortunate trend of ending your life in the forest

9:33 Mike and Fronk speak on the reasoning of suicide in Japanese culture

11:30 Dave lets us in on the importance of thread or yarn to the visitors of Aokigahara

15:45 The yearly search provided by the Japanese forest service to search for bodies is discussed, along with the care of the remains

17:00 Fronk discusses the paranormal happenings around the care of remains

18:30 Japanese officials have kept the exact number of suicides confidential

20:14 Dave explores the restless souls and ghost stories in the forest

22:40 Mike goes into the idea of “evil” places and their effects on the human psyche

24:00 The Yurei is a Japanese ghost story, closely resembling a banshee

25:42 Aokigahara Forest is the supposed home to the mythological Tengu Bird

27:55 Dave tells us a story of a writer from Japan Times hearing a ‘banshee’ scream and finding a body

29:05 A woman traveling the forest may have been trapped by the Yurai

30:18 Fronk talks of a monk who went to Aokigahara Forest to bless the land

32:18 Mike goes over the ancient tradition of Ubasute

34:17 The guys discuss poltergeists and Yurei

35:04 Why you should not bring home anything from Aokigahara Forest

37:51 Dave asks an intriguing question about the history of the forest

43:00 The electromagnetism of the land is discussed

44:15 Fronk goes over the science and how it correlates to suicide rates

44:50 Dave’s Final Thoughts

46:03 Mike’s Final Thoughts

47:42 Fronk’s Final Thoughts

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