#028- Crop Circles

In this debriefing, your preceptors take you into the fields of England. They discuss the Crop Circle phenomena that spread across the world, from simple geometric designs to intricate codded messages. Could it be something otherworldly? 

3:03 Mike starts by telling us what a crop circle is and the history behind them

4:03 Fronk talks the possible alien origins and the recording of crop circles

4:36 Dave talks about the infamous crop circle hoaxers Doug Bower and Dave Chorley

6:05 The ‘Mowing Devil’ in 1678 is reported to be the first published account of a Crop Circle

7:52 People reported seeing balls of light during a Crop Circle formation

8:02 In 1932 E.C. Kirwin observed 4 rings of beaten down barley

8:30 In 1963 circular and elliptical flattening along with spiraling from ‘Impacts’

9:21 A farmer in 1966 saw a ‘saucer shaped craft’ rise from a swamp and found a crop circle

10:30 The boys discuss what a ‘Willie Willie’ is

11:42 Bower and Chorley inspired by other reports began hoaxing

13:33 When was the last time you saw a Crop Circle reported?

15:13 Are crop circles being ignored?

16:15 Fronk tells us about a snow crop circle

17:45 Mike tells us about more complex crop circles, encoded with secret messages

18:52 Dave talks about the Wiltshire crop circle and the binary message within

20:47 David explains the 1974 Aricebo message from Carl Sagan and its response

22:20 The Roswell Rock is explored

26:15 Some of these Crop Circles contain the digits of Pi

27:50 Dave tells us some of the Crop Circles are in the same area as Stonehenge

28:42 The boys talk about drone technology as it pertains to making crop circles

30:00 Fronk tells us about how the crops are “lowered” in circle formations and not destroyed

31:24 Dave explains the science behind the crop formations

33:11 Dave’s Final Thoughts

34:21 Mike’s Final Thoughts

36:04 Fronk’s Final Thoughts

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