In this debriefing the society takes a look at one of the most famous exorcisms, that of Anneliese Michel. Anneliese was a German born woman who underwent over 60 exorcism rites by the Catholic church. After her passing, a trial was held for her parents and the priests who performed the ritual. Was this a demonic possession? Was this a result of mental illness? Listen to the breakdown of this fascinating case of "demonic possession."

3:17 We are introduced to the backstory of Anneliese Michel and he family life

4:27 Dave tells us about Anneliese’s first signs of her life altering condition

5:33 Mystery Mike tells a personal story from the archives

7:04 Anneliese finds out that she is afflicted by Temporal Lobe epilepsy

8:31 Anneliese was given meds and begins school abroad

9:46 Dave gives us background on Temporal Lobe Epilepsy or TLE

10:50 Focal Seizures are discussed

12:10 The devil begins to torment Anneliese Michel

14:38 Fronk inquires about ghosts

16:09 The family and friends of Anneliese think she is possessed and took her on a pilgrimage

17:48 Fronk tells us about how Anneliese began to fall deeper into her afflictions with disturbing behavior

19:18 Ernest Ault determines Anneliese is possessed and begs the church to perform a secret exorcism

20:48 Anneliese celebrates her birthday with her first exorcism

21:40 Ault and Rense perform the rites and Anne speaks multiple languages

24:10 Anne has disturbing eating habits during the exorcism rites

26:17 Anneliese is possessed by at least 6 demonic entities

29:00 Mike presents a thoughtful scenario

30:19 In the summer of 1975 Anneliese gets visited by the Mother Mary

34:40 Anneliese Michel passes away in 1976

35:21 Her parents and the priests are charged with negligent homicide

37:42 The two priests and Anneliese’s parents are found guilty

38:26 Dave’s Final Thoughts

40:24 Mike’s Final Thoughts

44:10 Fronk’s Final Thoughts


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