Welcome to our One Year Anniversary show! This live show was recorded 8/17/21

We discuss the far reaches of the sinister NWO and the secret powerful group known as the Illuminati. 

5:11 The live show begins with your preceptors talking their favorite episodes

8:36 Seasons 1-3 are reviewed

12:15 Declassified Discussions over 3 seasons are explored

14:12 Cryptid Chronicles are explored

15:35 Your preceptors tell us about the powerful NWO or New World Order

17:20 Dave tells us about the skeptics of the NWO conspiracy theory

18:00 Is the New World Order plan in action today?

19:15 Mike dives into the history of the NWO and its inception

20:48 Mike and Fronk talk about the symbolism of the New World Order in pop culture

22:33 Dave dives into Freemasonry and symbolism

23:47 Mike and the gang introduce the Nazi/NWO 4th Reich angle

27:34 Fronk goes into the Draco Reptilian connection to the New World Order

30:17 Are reptilians in positions of power in the world governments?

32:14 We are all worried about government surveillance

33:44 Fronk takes us into the world of RFID chips and trackers

39:00 Could there be an ancient occult connection with the NWO?

40:29 Dave and Fronk talk population control and its implementation

42:40 The boys talk about the possible powerful groups behind the New World Order agenda

45:27 Is the United Nations controlling a world bank?

47:47 The gang introduce the Illuminati and its origins

52:04 The Illuminati makes some name changes

52:40 Your preceptors come across a possible connection between Bohemian Grove and The Illuminati

55:05 The present order of the Illuminati

56:44 There are major differences between the Bavarian Illuminati and the current order

58:11 Dave tells us the President and other notable figures could be members of the Illuminati

62:10 Patreon information!


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