Pizzagate, Extra Cheese

Join this boys and grab a slice as they talk Pizzagate. In a data breach it can all go to hell, especially if it looks like you run an underground pedophile sex ring. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, shady pizza spots and some satanic occultism, all in this weeks debriefing.

8:18 - we introduce the Pizzagate conspiracy and go into how it came to light via email leaks.

11:26 - we dive into the code words that are used in child sex trafficking as well as 3 examples of suspicious emails between Jon Podesta and others.

21:34 - James Alefantis is investigated by the Preceptors. The owner of Comet Ping Pong and his connection to extremely high ranking political figures.

25:49 - Ad Break

26:43 - the boys delve into Jon Podesta, his involvement and credentials are discussed as well his brother Tony and his grim art collection.

28:17 - Hillary Clinton is mentioned. We chat about her various fundraisers she had held with Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria.

30:45 - we talk about Anthony Weiner and his sketchy sex offensives in his past, his former place in NY government and his more recent stexting charges.

33:01 - QAnon is introduced. We mention the beginnings of Pizzagate and the connection to the beliefs of Q's post as well is the followers.

34:25 - Getting darker in the topic we shed some light on the supposed Satan rituals that have ties to some of Hollywood's elite as their spiritual advisor, Marina Abromovic as well as list some of elites she has as friends and clients.

39:29 - we quickly go over the connections of QAnon, Pizzagate, the satanic Blood Rituals to adrenochrome as well as some facts on the compound.

42:04 - The list of evidence of powerful individuals performing pedophilia. There are mentions of state level, DOD, UN and celebrities being involved.

45:45 - Final Thoughts

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