#018- The Titanic

Welcome aboard Hushlings, we travel back to 1912 on the RMS Titanic where we take a crash course into some conspiracy theories that could have caused the tragic sinking and deaths of over 1,500 people that shocked the world.


We blast through all the watertight doors and seek all its unsinkable mysteries...


Was her sister-ship Olympic, switched and disguised as Titanic, as an insurance scam?  Did J.P. Morgan want to eliminate several prominent rival bankers?  

Did fires prior to the voyage weaken the hull? Was the ship cursed and doomed from the start? Set sail with us.


(4:05)  Your shipmates begin with the background of what happened on the night of April, 15th 1912, the lifeboats, different classes as well as who was on board the ship.

(7:00)  Dave and Mike bring us up to speed about the first theory of the Titanic being switched with her sister ship, the Olympic after a series of accidents for insurance purposes. 

(11:13)  Dave looks through the window at the fact that Titanic and Olympic had different amounts of portholes and Fronk elaborates.

(12:55)  Rumors of the Titanic being sunk for insurance circulated through workers and the crew and most decided against working on the ship.

(16:26)  Many of the richest people that had booked tickets had cancelled their trips prior to the voyage, one being JP Morgan.  He also owned the parent company who owned the White Star Line.

(18:40)  The SS Californian is brought up.  It was an empty passenger ship that was not far from Titanic and it had over 3000 wool blankets.  It never made it to the sinking ship and was part of the blame for the loss of life.

(25:35)  Mike and the boys question if Capt. Smith knew about the possible scam and why did he go down with the ship, maybe he didn't know?  We cover both sides.

(29:13)  Fronk fills us in on how the watertight doors could have played a role in the ship splitting in two.

(30:05)  We touch on a fire that started several days before Titanic set sail and was burning throughout the maiden voyage.  Mike and Fronk elaborate on the fact that burning the coal into the furnaces caused the ship to be traveling at full speed, around 30 mph.

(34:04)  JP Morgan was trying to create the Federal Reserve, and some of the wealthy people that opposed were aboard the Titanic and perished, another reason to sink the ship.

(35:18)  Fronk goes into the theory about a passenger named William Steed who claims that he was cursed by a mummy to other passengers.  He perished as well.  Your Preceptors discuss.

(38:47)  The theory of a German U-Boat could have sunk the Titanic and only 3 years after the sinking in 1915 a U-Boat sunk the RMS Lusitania.

(40:49)  Fronk gives a few out of the box ideas that could have sunk the ship like the tides and the aurora borealis.

(42:07)  We give our final thoughts about what we all think happened to the doomed vessel.


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