The Hush Hush Society talks about the mysteries of the Jersey Devil with our guest, Jeremy of the Infinite Rabbit Hole Podcast.

(1:55) Mike introduces Jeremy from Infinite Rabbit Hole Podcast and we learn how they're podcast came to be.
(4:06)  We introduce the Jersey Devil, briefly chat about the NHL team New Jersey Devils.
(5:48)  Fronk mentions the origins of the Jersey Devil, also known as the Leeds Devil.  He explains about Jane "Mother" Leeds and her "cursed child."
(9:23)  Mike and Jeremy go into detail how the rivalry between Benjamin Franklin and Daniel Leeds and their competing  Almanacs.  Poor Richard and The Leeds, starting in around 1735.
(14:58)  In 1778, another origin of a girl was supposed to have fallen in love with a British soldier and gave birth to this creature.
(16:22)  Dave explains another origin where a young woman who bumped into a gypsy, had given birth to a boy devil who fled into the woods.  Mike also goes in yet another origin story of the Jersey Devil.
(18:31) Dave goes into detail about the description of the creature.
(20:00) Mike and Jeremy mention Hunter Shea, who wrote the book, "The Jersey Devil".
(21:39) Jeremy brings up Titan Leeds and their family crest with a creature on it similar to The Jersey Devil.
(24:25) Jeremy asks the question...  Do you think this is a cryptid or an urban legend?  The boys discuss their opinions.
(27:27)  Joseph Bonaparte's account of seeing a creature with a horse's head, wings and had hissed at him on his estate in Jew Jersey.  Other accounts are brought to light.
(29:05) In 1909 there were a series of reported attacks in NJ, PA, MD and DE and actually caused some schools to close.
(31:00)  After talking about the origins and sightings they gang has a conversation about how some of the sightings seem awfully familiar to another known cryptid, The Mothman.
(32:43) Fronk brings up another account in 1927 of an attack on a taxi driver.  Mike also has another claim from 1980 of a pig mutilation.
(35:17)  Your Preceptors and their guest discuss what they think the 1980 attack could have been caused by.
(38:55) David Blacks account of The Jersey Devil in 2015 is discussed... lol.
(42:45)  The Hush Hush Society does its first ever round table with another podcast about what this cryptid could be.

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