The Hush Hush Society talk about the mysteries of the Mothman with our guest, Yami of the Cryptid Chat Girl Podcast.

Part 2 - The Mothman
April 19, 2021

(3:53)  Mike introduces Yami to the show and she fills us in about her love and interest of The Mothman.
(6:30)  We go into the background of The Mothman, where first sightings began in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  Frankie elaborates on the first encounters.
(8:27)  We bring up the question if Mothman is not a singular creature and an entire species of creatures.  Yami delves into more.
(10:50)  The boys mention a possible link to another known cryptid, The Jersey Devil which isn't too far off regionally from West Virginia and how many cultures globally speak of a similar creature.
(13:51)  Yami brings up the lore of how Mothman is potentially known as a harbinger of doom due to a lot of people with sightings have tragic things happen to them afterward.  One of them being the Silver Bridge collapse in 1967.
(16:20)  In 1999 a Russian Ufologist claimed Mothman was sighted before the apartment bombings in Moscow.  We question why the Mothman is seen before these events.
(20:30) Dave mentions that some firefighters claim that they have seen a large birds with red eyes, possibly a sandhill crane.  Yami explains.
(24:10)  We talk about some hoaxes that people have created of Mothman.
(26:08)  We bring up the question of why with new cell phone technology has there not been an uptick in cryptid sightings.  Dave asks a question to the group of the possibility of Mothman being interdimensional.
(27:20)  Yami goes into a little more detail about how Mothman could be linked to another dimension or paranormal. A lot of folks that encounter these creatures report having psychological problems afterward.  We discuss and mention the similarities of Skinwalker Ranch.
(30:55)  Mike jumps into the thought of Mothman and UFO sightings or abductions and how they could be linked.  There are some accounts of UFO sightings before a Mothman sighting.
(33:53) We discuss the Mothman Festival, Museum and Statue in Point Pleasant.
(35:10)  The TNT area is considered the hub of Mothman where the original sighting of the creature took place.  It was an ammunition plant and storage property in WW2.  It is now used as a public recreation area.  We question the environmental damage done there.
(39:44)  With the detonations of nuclear bombs as well as missile silos today, we ask the question if those explosions tear a hole in the fabric of space and time.  In theory allowing openings for other dimensions.
(43:34)  Yami mentions a few of Mothman sightings.
(47:20)  We give our final thoughts on what Mothman could be or if it's a legitimate creature.

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