This week the boys are joined my Max Igan, an Australian activist, Author, Film maker and international speaker. Max discusses his docufilms, his thoughts on the current world status and government overreach. This chat was incredibly insightful and eye opening.

1:28  Fronk begins our episode with the question of Max's thoughts on the Covid 19 pandemic.  His response follows along a path of depopulation and mind control.


4:28 Mike responds with his thoughts on Max's answer on the population splitting into two sides and his hopes.


5:52  Max bounces off of Mike's remarks and elaborates about the program that is trying to be instilled in the children.  He continues about vaccines, mind control and survival for the future.


9:49 Declassified Dave asks the question, "who is behind this whole plan to depopulate the Earth?  If so? Which major group?, Max, tells us his views about who is responsible for the entire system and economic model, especially with technology. 


14:25 Fronk delivers a quote from Max, Mike asks the question of why Max moved out of Australia. His story of why and how he got out of the country and made it to Mexico.  He speaks about how his home was raided and the accusations that could have landed on him.


19:28  Mystery Mike asks Max about the “quarantine centers” being built all over the world, Max elaborates. 


22:17 Fronk boasts the question of the possible link with 5G and Covid 19.  Max explains the 5G system and what it most likely is used for, most importantly for military and AI use.


25:27  Mike brings up a military lecture that happened in 2018 that had very similar parallels with MK Ultra and Max agrees and gives more insight.


27:30  Dave asks Max if he sees any parallels with our current events that correlate with history, especially in the 30’s and 40’s.  Max responds with his intriguing  thoughts.


30:57  Mike asks about the accusation that children are being born with lower IQs during the course of the pandemic.


32:21  The Preceptors thank Max and how you can follow him @ 

You can find Max in many places


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