#013- Area 51/S4

Your trio is back and hitching a ride economy class on Janet Airlines through the desert of southern Nevada to the secret military installation known ...View Details

#012- The Vatican Pt. 2

Welcome back to Vatican City!  Your Preceptors explore the secrets and mysteries of The Vatican Archives yet again!Last week we  spoke of sites like t...View Details

#011-The Vatican Pt. 1

Welcome to Season 2!  The Hush Hush Society is back as your Preceptors  explore the secrets and mysteries of The Vatican,  Home to the Pope head of th...View Details

The live show finale of the Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hours first season! Recorded live 11/9. Your preceptors talk the conspiracy of The Dyatlov Pa...View Details

The Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour with Declassified Dave, Mystery Mike featuring Slick Fronk Sanders Debriefing #009 The 2012 Apocalypse November ...View Details

We join our trio again, this time on September 19, 1961 cruising through the forests of New Hampshire in our '57 Chevrolet Bel Air on our way back fro...View Details

#007- Majestic-12

Your preceptors are back and opening the declassified files of the elusive and secretive Majestic-12. First initiated by the events of the Roswell UF...View Details

This week we find our triad de Hush back on the Mar-A-Lago Estate or maybe the Zorro Ranch? The Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour in part two of the ...View Details

Your three guides to the unknown have returned for part one of the two part installment of Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour. This debriefing we jump...View Details

We welcome you back to the conclave. The Hush Hush Society return to 1963, John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas Texas. The Mafia!?! Foreign cr...View Details

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