This week we are join by Andrew Gough. Well known for his shows Conspiracies Decoded, The Alaska Triangle and Forbidden History on the Travel Channel ...View Details

The Lost City Of Atlantis

In this debriefing your preceptors look at the famed city of Atlantis. Was it a high tech civilization? A booming economic power? An alien craft? Take...View Details

This week the boys are joined my Max Igan, an Australian activist, Author, Film maker and international speaker. Max discusses his docufilms, his thou...View Details

Pizzagate, Extra Cheese

Join this boys and grab a slice as they talk Pizzagate. In a data breach it can all go to hell, especially if it looks like you run an underground ped...View Details

In the most controversial debriefing yet, the preceptors kick off season 5 with Holocaust Denial. They go over the deep history of the beliefs, xenoph...View Details

Agenda 21 and Skull&Bones

In this live show recorded 1/10/22 the preceptors take an in depth look into Agenda 21. Is this sustainable action plan a benefit for the human popula...View Details

This episode we are joined by Matt Landman. Matt is the owner and creator of Spero Gear, an EMF radiation blocking clothing line. Matt is well versed ...View Details

This trip the boys are joined by Shelby and Chrissy of Pentacles and Tentacles. They sit by the loch and discuss the origins and stories surrounding t...View Details

In this Hushling suggested episode, the boys look into the infamous 27 Club. They talk a few of the more famous members including, Jimi Hendrix, Brian...View Details

The final installment of the 9/11 series. The preceptors talk the hit to the Pentagon, and all the conspiracies surrounding the September 11th attacks...View Details

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